12 things you’ll find in my dorm room. part 3.

These are always a hit! So I decided to do another in honor of 60 followers!

Alrighttt here goes….


This is a scarf, but, I will not be using it as one. It’s too long and wide, but I got it as a present. So I gotta use it. My theme is Vintage French Garden. I am using it as a table cloth/ runner on my desk. It fits perfectly and since I have drawers, it doesn’t cover them up like a normal table cloth would. And it’s an interesting twist to the light wood of the desk.


These are gorgeous and real. Mine are fake. But these liven up a cold hard dorm room. These are my little happiness stuck in a mason jar. I love the way they look. It adds color and cuteness. And hassle free. I sprayed mine with a little room spray that smells like flowers and it makes them seem more real!


MOON JAR! I made mine out of a garden light a jar and frosting spray. I love it because it casts a soft light into the room that doesn’t bug my roommate. This makes the room easier to see so I don’t bump everything trying to get to the door in the middle of the night.


I don’t have closet doors (yay for a cheap college) And if the closet is open and its a mess, it makes the room smaller. This hides it all. ;)


This isn’t decor, but it sure makes your room better to hang out in. A cool coffee maker will make your room feel like a cozy nook at starbucks without paying the starbucks price. Keurig coffee maker. yum yum. I LOOOOOOVEEE MINE! 


these are my exact pillows that I made. I looove the way they turned out! Throw pillows make a room awesome. I can’t explain why but they do. And its cheap if you make them!


I love my dream catcher. I work on an Indian Rez. So I got mine super cheap and handmade by one of the people I helped with some yard work. It’s super hipster, but mine has a different meaning. Something other than photos that have meaning to you are a great idea!

8. http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product.asp?SKU=18064898

I couldn’t find mine. But this is cute. Bath rugs are a great idea for a small space. They’re super durable and usually can be washed in a washing machine. So They’re perfect for right by your bed so the first thing you feel isn’t cold tile. And I put one under my desk too,

9. http://www.target.com/Uplight-Table-Lamp-Cutout-White/dp/B004BGABFI/ref=sc_qi_detaillink

my dorm has florescent lights so i love getting a couple of lamps and having that soft glow. I love this lamp because the light shines up not out so that it gives off a softer glow so you don’t wake your roomie.

10. http://www.target.com/FLDING-CHAIR-FOLDING-TEAL/dp/B0052A12EG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&searchView=grid5&keywords=folding%20chair&fromGsearch=true&sr=1-1&qid=1313289308&rh=&searchRank=price&id=FLDING%20CHAIR%20FOLDING%20TEAL&node=1038576%7C1287991011&searchSize=90&searchPage=1&searchNodeID=1038576%7C1287991011&searchBinNameList=subjectbin%2Cprice%2Ctarget_com_primary_color-bin%2Ctarget_com_size-bin%2Ctarget_com_brand-bin&frombrowse=0

Easy on the wallet and easy on space. This is perfect for study parties. Make-over parties. And any other kind of party. Dorm chairs are heavy to move and you don’t want your guests to sit on the floor you forgot to clean. So pull this out! Perfect!

11. http://www.target.com/College-Blankets-Bedding-Back-Seasonal/b/196888011/ref=sc_fe_l_4_13158831_6?node=196888011

It can get cold in a dorm and cover up in style. Also great for when you have guests or just need something light to cover your feet!

12. http://www.target.com/Shin-Mo-Tall-Jewelry-Box/dp/B004D1AQ8S/ref=sc_qi_detaillink

I love this to hide all my jewelry and hair ties. It’s cute and takes up very little room. It also is very cute. :) 

That is all so request/ask/submit!